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Hi! I am vib/vibbe/vibikim/Vibska

... or any other variation of the name I used in the past

no... those should be all... I think

Hi, I am vib, I installed and completely compiled Gentoo GNU/Linux, with an XFCE desktop, on a netbook with an Intel Atom N455 and 1GB of ram once.

I like messing with computers in various ways I guess.

Currently CompSci student.

If you came to this page and expected a professional page I am sorry.

Some of the socializmos

You can find me in the following places

electronic mail service: vib @ this same domain

XMPP (Jabber): - This is probably my most prefered way of being contacted in terms of using Instant Messaging TM. I didn't get to use it loads so I can't really tell if it's annoying either, as some might say. But I like its simplicity, how it tries to be as universal and general as possible, like an email of the IMs. Sad to see it get so little use these days.

Matrix: - Another decent way of getting in touch! Not entirely my favourite but I might be biased on this because it is a burden to host. Not a fan of it's controversial background though. But still a lot more acceptable to use than other things. Also fun to use when it also works correctly.

alt account in case things go down on my own server:

Discord: vibbe#0814 - Eh. I kind of have to use it.

Fediverse: - The Fediverse. Fun place. Recommend. Also Misskey is fun to use.

alt account in case things go down on my own server: (thank you puni)

Twitch: vibska - I stream a game or two once in a full moon? Mainly osu!

Codeberg: vib - Not much now, hopefuly more in the future.

GitHub: vibikim - Same

I play games sometimes

Steam: Vibska - gaming

osu!: Vibska - Click the circul~

-- I don't know how I feel about the color palette, it is subject to change. --


With time I plan to populate this page with random junk, there's more to come hopefully, you just watch lol