Hi! I am vib/vibbe/vibikim/Vibska

... or any other variation of the name I used in the past

no... those should be all... I think

Hi, I am vib, I installed and completely compiled Gentoo GNU/Linux, with an XFCE desktop, on a netbook with an Intel Atom N455 and 1GB of ram once.

I like messing with computers in various ways I guess.

Currently a CS student.

With time I plan to populate this page with random junk, there's more to come hopefully, you just watch lol

All the socializmos

You can find me in the following places

I think most of them are bad, but I'm a big proponent for decentralized federalized networks like ActivityPub(Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube) and Matrix! Anyway here they are:

Discord: vibbe#0814

Matrix: @vib:blob.cat

Fediverse: @vib@distrotoot.com

Twitch: vibska

GitHub: vibikim

I play games sometimes

Steam: Vibska

osu!: Vibska

-- I don't know how I feel about the color palette, it is subject to change. --

Make the web the way it should be: a bunch different people's sites caught in a web, and not just the platform of a few companies' services.


(Work in progress, this link leads nowhere for now.)

Why in the world are people indenting with spaces and not with tabs? :/